About Scandi Supply a/s

In case of fire, buildings need protection, valuables need shielding and human lives must be saved. The cornerstone in this respect is passive fire protection of building constructions, and Scandi Supply is a leading supplier of complete solutions to this end.

Safety has top priority for Scandi Supply, and we take pride in choosing the right solution for every task. We never take a task lightly, and we are committed to making it easy for our customers and business partners to create valuable and secure results. Close cooperation is what leads to long lasting relations ...
With over 20 years experience our advice and guidance are thoroughly tested - just like our products. We constantly work to develop innovative solutions and obtain new approvals.
Please contact Scandi Supply to discuss your projects within the field of passive fire protection.


FireFree ScandiBoard is a light weight Calcium Silicate board.


This product is made especially for Fire Protection purposes.