Fire & Water is committed to providing the best products for passive fire protection.
It is with great excitement that we introduce the Free Fire ScandiBoard as an importer for the Swedish market! A product that solves many problems. See more on our website
We are also an importer of Envirograf's world leading products for passive fire protection & prevention.
Fire color with the best possible fire protection for wood. Available in both white color and a transparent coating, which makes it possible to get an "invisible" protection.
With fire/doorseals for doors and self-closing hinges, we can solve many problems, for example to improve the old doors that are not 'approved' by today's standards. For steel, we are importers of Contego, one of the absolute best fire protection paints. Contego can also be used on other materials, contact us for more info.
Through our contacts with Nordic Fire Protection in the UK, we make sure to follow the development of new products for passive fire protection.
Fire safety rules in the UK are traditionally very stringent, leading to exciting new solutions to protect the wooden house from fire.
England's extensive cultural heritage has led to research on the cutting edge of how to fire protect old buildings and wooden without evidence.
Research that we at Fire & Water can take advantage of for the Swedish market.
We are importer of the patented Firebreather fire valves from Securo, which is the only one with immediate protection in a fire. Available in several variants. Secures eaves and wall sections against fire. Also available for other solutions, contact us for more info.
Inert hypoxic air is another product in fire prevention. Prevents fire when the oxygen level is reduced to 14-15%, but even so you can still stay in the room.
Contact us for more info or read during hypoxic. Fits in computer rooms, server rooms, archives, etc.
We also hold training courses that Hot Work, CPR (Cardiac / Pulmonary Rescue) and basic fire protection.
SBA and fire protection documentation are other services we can help you with.
Fire & Water offers a wide range of equipment to secure yourself, your home and your business!
Need something in the fire safety or fire prevention, please contact us! We do everything we can to help you / you.
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